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Below is a list of this years successful submissions....

Please don't be offended if your artwork is not on the list, we honestly had loads of amazing entries and we simply couldn't fit them all in!

Remember to come and and view the exhibition, bring friends and family and spread the word. If you know anyone looking to buy some great local artwork send them our way!

Our sponsors have 7 prizes to give away, if you are one of our winners we will be in touch soon, good luck!

Marjorie Adams        Winter Glow
Barbara Anderson    Ugly Duckling
June Anderson        Serenity
John Andrew        Loudon Hill
Jean Berry        Foothills of 'An Tealloch', Wester Ross
Caroline Borland    Into the Blue
Caroline Borland    Golden Days
Jackie Brown        Universe
Jackie Brown        Northern Lights
Jenny Brown        Arran Delight
Jenny Brown        Blue Grass, Hushinish Beach
John Cain DA.        Stormy Sky over Arran
John Cain DA.        Irvine Harbour
Nancye Cameron        Coastal Scene
Richie Cameron        Waveform
Richie Cameron        Still Life with Seascape
Lizz Campbell        View of Arran
Lizz Campbell        Lochgoilhead in Green
Lyndsey Ciarcia        Summer Meadow Mandala
Frances Clark        Veronika: Warrior Goddess
Frances Clark        Connected
Yvonne Connor McNally    Light Sun at Barassie
Yvonne Connor McNally    Veiled Ailsa Craig
Brian Craig        Life Drawing
Joe Crossland        N.Y.C
Joe Crossland        Glasgow Central 1
Kevin Cunningham    Posing with my Old Chummy (A 1920's Austin Seven)
Christy Danielles    Dunure Gorse
Christy Danielles    Das Boat Dunure
Davardo         "Wee Corona & The Variants (Furies)"
Davardo         RoЛobha (Home)
Doreen Davis        Honesty
Doreen Davis        Twighlight
Allison Davis        Shine On
Nancy Devlin        Calm Reflection
Celia Dunn Aitken    Rannoch of the Moor
Celia Dunn Aitken    The Old Ship Wreck. Ardrossan, North Shore
Caroline Dyet        Sunflowers
Caroline Dyet        Irises
Margaret Edgar        In Trouble
Ben Emerson        Eden - French Bulldog
Ben Emerson        Kat Von D
Kirsten Feehan        Lunar March
Kirsten Feehan        2022, The Beginning
Moira Ferguson        Rockpool
Moira Ferguson        Tree with Doves
Nanette Fisher        Black Chaos
Nanette Fisher        Golden Chaos
Ruth Gibson        Woodmouse
Ruth Gibson        The Swallow
Mark Goodwin        "The Wiggly Vase"
Mark Goodwin        "Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)"
Sandy Gowings        Storm Dudley Passing Through
Sandy Gowings        Clive's View
Wendy Greig        The Threadbare Scholar
Wendy Greig        The Anguish of Loss
Julia Griffin        Dalgarven Mill, Kilwinning
Fiona Haine        Angelique Kidjo
Fiona Haine        Snowy Wonderland
James Haine        The Inner Light
James Haine        Stevens
Evelyn Hamilton        Platinum Jubilee
Evelyn Hamilton        Poppies
Tracey Hamilton        Crashing Waves
Tracey Hamilton        Light through the Storm
Clare Hamilton Sneddon    Reflections
Clare Hamilton Sneddon    Early Evening Sail
Pam Harvey        "Plockton"
Pam Harvey        "Breaking Wave"
Maggie Henry        Pollock House & Parterre
Maggie Henry        New Lanark
Sue Howat        Over the Hill
Sue Howat        Patchwork Fields
Bridget Hunter        Cream with Yellows & Pinks
Bridget Hunter        Storm over Carrick
Sandra Innes        Enduring
Allan Irvine        Old Crane
Allan Irvine        The Joy of Life
Rene Johansen        Wild Fields
Rene Johansen        Tree Tops (Diptych)
Bobby Johnstone        "Black Uhlan of the Rhine"
Bobby Johnstone        "Ten Green Bottles Sittin' on a Wa'"
Pat Kramek        Sundaes on Sunday
Pat Kramek        Friday at Four
Carolyn Laidlaw        Strangely Enough
Carolyn Laidlaw        Refresher
Margaret Law        Autumn Pond - Culzean
Margaret Law        Tree - Rozelle
Elizabeth Lawson    Four Seasons in One Day
Elizabeth Lawson    Harbour Blues
Derek Lindsay        Around in the Wild
Derek Lindsay        Incidental
Eoghann MacColl        Cruach Phadruig / footsteps (Procession)
John MacDonald        Medusa Beech, Ness Glen
John MacDonald        Carrick Hillside
Lesley MacDonald    Tete-A-Tete
Lindsey MacDonald    Meadow Grazing
Margaret MacDonald    The Magic Tree
Margaret MacDonald    Magnolias
Colin Mackay        Approaching Ailsa
Colin Mackay        Afternoon Reflections
Louisa Maestranzi    Winter Beach
Louisa Maestranzi    Winter View
Irene Marcuson        View of St Monans, Fife
Irene Marcuson        Room with a View
Dawn Martin        Maris'
Dawn Martin        Triptych
Cathy Maxwell        Lindsay at Home
Jinty Maxwell        Blossom
Katrina May        Paradise Found
Catherine McConnell    The Conspiracy
Clements McCulloch    Nautical 4
Lisa McDonald        Turnberry Lighthouse
Lisa McDonald        Pathway to Paradise
Lynn McGregor        Uist - "A Birds Eye View"
Nancy McJannet        Arran Fresh
Nancy McJannet        Cormac
John McKerrell        Killeyan, Isle of Islay
Kevin Moffat        Back Home
Gregory Moore        "Singing in the Wire" 
Gregory Moore        "Keeping Watch"
Nancy Moroney        Summer 
Nancy Moroney        Pair of Pears
A.C. Morrice        View from Goat Fell
A.C. Morrice        Glen Rosa
Jean Muir        "Keeping Watch"
Jean Muir        "A New Day Dawns" (Kay Park Lake)
Angela Ortenzi-MacColl    Rose-Tinted Daydream
Angela Ortenzi-MacColl    Once a Punk…
Gillian Park        Making Hay while the Sun Shines
Gillian Park        Euphoria
Maureen Peat        Oor Anne
Claire Phillips        Splash
Claire Phillips        The Thread of an Underwater Story
Sarah Plant        Portencross in Bloom
Sarah Plant        The Bar Man
Ewa Polanek        Hebridean Sands, Lewis
Ewa Polanek        Swaying Harebells, West Harris
Jasmin Pollock        Dalmatian Beach
Sandra Power        Curiosity
Sandra Power        Xiongmao (Bear Cat)
Margaret Rae        "Peak District Panorama
Margaret Rae        "Arran from North Shore"
Sandra Ratcliffe    Early Summer Rays, Arran
Sandra Ratcliffe    Dawn Gulls Wheeling, Arran
David Reid        Irvine Harbour
David Reid        A Peonie Trio
Jacqueline Ridge    Crash Landing
Jim Ritchie        "Sun after Flood"
Jim Ritchie        "Fledgelings"
Miriam Ritchie        "La Pared"
Miriam Ritchie        "Evening Glow"
Ian Roberts        Rose
Margaret Robinson    Snowy Central Park
William G. Sharp    The Tie
William G. Sharp    Reflections
Anjie Slater        Port of Ness, Lewis, Outer Hebrides
Anjie Slater        Eoropie Beach, Ness, Outer Hebrides
Rona Slevin        Cups & Rings, Raku
Rona Slevin        Cups & Rings, Raku
Ronald A. Smart        Limone Lake Garda
H.A. Smets        That's the Firkin Point
Alexander Smith        Loudoun Hill
Jan Stroud        Blue 
Jan Stroud        Running Hare
Rosalind Summers    Flight Path
Rosalind Summers    Lipizzaner Mare at Lipica Stud, Slovenia
Liz Sutters        The Hermitage
Liz Sutters        Holy Isle
Euan Tait        October Night
Alison Thomas        "Going, Staying, Gone"
Alison Thomas        A New Dawn for the City of Adelaide
Kelsey Todd        Bokeh Rosa
Kelsey Todd        Ola Amarilla
Paul Anthony Trainor    Red Heels in Manhattan
Paul Anthony Trainor    Brooklyn to Manhattan
Stanley Travers        Red Anthurium Plant
Stanley Travers        Sorrow of Young Ukrainian Girl
Elaine Walker        Mind in Flight
Elaine Walker        My Thistle Heart
Carolyn A. Wallace    Summer Awakening
Carolyn A. Wallace    Fragile Roar
Andy Warnock        "River Derwent by Rosthwaite"
Andy Warnock        "The Great Langdale Pikes"

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