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Below is a list of this years successful submissions....

Please don't be offended if your artwork is not on the list, we always have more submissions than space and we also have to consider the layout of the exibition. Unfortunately quality work is sometimes omitted.

Remember to come and and view the exhibition, bring friends and family and spread the word.

If you know anyone looking to buy some great local artwork send them our way!

Our sponsors have 7 prizes to give away, if you are one of our winners we will be in touch soon, good luck!

Margaret Rae,"Edinburgh Panorama"
David McNeice,"Bird's Eye View"
Allan Irvine,"Momentaneous"
Allan Irvine,"Emancipation"
Jane Kerr,"'A Quiet Moment'"

Rona Slevin,"Lossie 1"
Rona Slevin,"Lossie 2"
Kevin Moffat,"De Brus"
Ronald A. Smart,"Girl Power"
Ronald A. Smart,"North Shore, Troon"
John McKerrell,"Saligo Bay Islay"
John McKerrell,"Machir Bay Islay"
Rosalind Summers,"Hello old friend"
Jennifer Chalmers,"Lisbon Tram"
Jennifer Chalmers,"Summer fun"
Maureen Peat,"MV Kaffir Shipwreck"
Eleanor Boag,"Irvine Harbour"
Eleanor Boag,"Peppers"
George Wilson,"no messing"
George Wilson,"shonach"
Keith Salmon,"Early morning light, below Buachaille Etive Mor"
Keith Salmon,"Snowdusted and silent, Rannoch Moor"
Gillian Park,"Gregarious Gerberas"
Gillian Park,"The Oriental "
Fiona Robertson,"Wild flowers in a Tiree Vase"
Fiona Robertson,"Evening Light"
Lynn Campbell McGregor,"Come Walk with Me"
Lynn Campbell McGregor,"Oh What a Walk"
Elizabeth Lawson,"Autumn’s Majesty"
Elizabeth Lawson,"Hydrangea Heaven"
Emma Mclachlan ,"Ballast Bank View "
Emma Mclachlan ,"Eglinton Trees"
Dorothy  Fisher ,"Pink and White Chrysanthemums "
Dorothy  Fisher ,"Lilacs with Antique Jug"
Kaz Stevenson ,"Sgraffito Lion"
Kaz Stevenson ,"Here's looking at you"
Wendy Greig,"Not Useless Yet"
Wendy Greig,"Daisy "
Margaret Edgar,"Blue"
Emma Smyth,"The Greenhouse"
Emma Smyth,"Carrour Station"
Caroline Dyet ,"Through the Whin"
Caroline Dyet ,"Over the Hedgerow"
Lesley Herd,"'and the river runs through' 2022"
Lesley Herd,"'Shewalton (Bookers) Pond' 2022"
Abbie Steel,"Jack Sparrow "
Janet M. Coughtrie,"Still life with flowers"
Janet M. Coughtrie,"Going onstage"
Jean Berry,"Japanese Anemones"
Colin Mackay,"Kingfisher"
Paul Anthony Trainor,"Cenotaph at George Square"
Tracey Hamilton,"Lake Maree, Scotland"
Tracey Hamilton,"NC500 Coastline, Scotland"
Sandy Gowings,"End of evening calm"
Sandy Gowings,"November afternoon light on the marshes, Rye Harbour"
William Sharp,"Greenan Castle"
William Dennis,"Calm Anchorage"
Evelyn A Hamilton,"Arum Lily"
Clements McCulloch,"Peaceful Bay"
Charles Waddell,"Coming or Going?"
Harry Sutton,"Waves at the Crosshouse, Millport."
Harry Sutton,"Sheriff's Port, Isle of Cumbrae"
Jack Sutton,"Adam's Folly "
Jack Sutton,"It's Pen, Actually."
Allison Davis,"Thunderstruck"
Allison Davis,"High flying "
Wilma Shepherd,"Ease Your Mind"
Wilma Shepherd,"Finding the Light"
Carolyn A Wallace,"Summer Awakening"
Carolyn A Wallace,"Banks of the Thurso"
Rebecca Murter,"saccharine"
Fiona Haine,"Portencross Harbour"
Fiona Haine,"Blackrock Cottage"
Liz Sutters,"A wee bit of Anstruther"
Maggie Henry,"Crail Harbour"
Maggie Henry,"Kelvingrove & University Tower"
Brian Kerr,"Red sky over Skye"
Brian Kerr,"Just stand and look"
Marjorie Adams,"Stormy Weather"
Euan Tait ,"Irvine Cross "
Sandra Ratcliffe,"Bute’s Purple Rocks"
Nancy McJannet,"Serene Discovery"
Jinty Maxwell,"Timeless"
Jinty Maxwell,"Bloom"
Alix McFadyean,"Skull and Bones"
Nancy Moroney,"Honesty With Lemons and Limes."
Nancy Moroney,"Roses in Glass Vase."
Jenny Brown,"Arran in Yellow"
John Cain DA,"Charles IV Bridge, Prague"
Deborah Kelly,"Hector the Fisherman"
Deborah Kelly,"Juan"
Rene Johansen,"White Shark "
Rene Johansen,"African Rock Penguin "
Margaret Robinson,"Gran's Kitchen Scale "
Margaret Robinson,"Girl with Bowl "
Mark Goodwin,"Blue Geisha "
Mark Goodwin,"Red Geisha "
Katherine Gallacher,"Buttercup Sunshine"
Katherine Gallacher,"Golden Poppies"
Elizabeth Adam,"Labrador"
Elizabeth Adam,"Oban harbour"
Nancy Devlin,"A keek through"
Bridget Hunter,"Summertime"
Bridget Hunter,"Golden Fields"
Pat Kramek,"Torastan Bay, Coll"
Pat Kramek,"Daffodil Fields, Montrose"
Jim Collins,"Hotel at John o' Groats"
Jim Collins,"La Citè Carcasonne"
Patricia Candlish,"Before the Race"
Janice Thomson,"Seaside Cottages, St Monans"
Janice Thomson,"Fishing Boat TN16, Troon Harbour"
Alison Thomas,"Birlinn"
Joan Agnes Dunn,"holy isle at dusk"
Joan Agnes Dunn,"sunset over aran"
Gerald Millar,"Moonlight"
Gerald Millar,"Gold Leaves"
Jan Millar,"Tulips"
Jan Millar,"Inspired by Gaudi"
Thomas McDougall,"Western Star "
Thomas McDougall,"Blink"
Christy Danielles,"The frog and the healing bowl"
Christy Danielles,"Dunure Creels"
Cameron Buchanan,"Maasai"
Lyndsey Ciarcià ,"Poppy Mandala"
Lyndsey Ciarcià ,"Mother Nature’s Mandala"
Andrew Warnock,"River Derwent At Grange"
Andrew Warnock,"River Ayr By Auchencruiuve"
Liz Reid,"Thistle Be Another Day"
Richie Cameron,"Ikon (Fragment)"
Richie Cameron,"Still Life"
Sandra Power,"Forgotten Kilwinning"
Kelsey Todd,"Under the Moonlight"
Kelsey Todd,"Changing Hue"
Kirsten Feehan,"The weariness of aging"
Jim Ritchie,"Caught in the light"
Jim Ritchie,"Autumn jazz"
Miriam Ritchie,"Summer Flowers "
Sue Howat,"Vintage Blooms"
Sue Howat,"Highland Rise"
Chick McGeehan,"Passing cloud over Arran"
Chick McGeehan,"Amber Glow"
Jim Wylie,"Frost by the River"
Jim Wylie,"Colmonell"
Carolyn Laidlaw,"Coffee Break"
Carolyn Laidlaw,"Downtown"
Alex Laidlaw-Garratt,"The Watcher"
Celia Dunn Aitken,"The Ship "
Celia Dunn Aitken," Garnock "
Stuart Faulkner,"Snow Leopard Yawning"
Stuart Faulkner,"Snow Leopard Lounging"
Kat McCracken ,"Paper Peacock"
Kat McCracken ,"Highland Laddie"
Jeffery Rolph Richards,"Frosty Morning "
Jeffery Rolph Richards,"Cumnock (Woodroad Park)."
Angela Ortenzi MacColl,"A cautious heart is lovely still"
Pete Fairweather,"Turnberry Lighthouse"
Pete Fairweather,"Kilwinning Abbey"
Brian Craig,"Portencross"
Brian Craig,"Dunure Castle"
Lisa Brown,"Settlement"
Andrew Ian Beagrie,"I Have my eye on you"

Julie Linton-Millar ,"Serenity "
Sandra Innes,"Arran View inspired by W.A. Hornel  "
Derek Lindsay,"Leporidae"
Estelle Murray,"Yellow Irises"
Eleanor Pollock,"Reflections of oban"
Marilyn Kennedy,"Death in the Water"

Tracey Pirie, Horizons

Tracey Pirie, Vision


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