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The NORTH AYRSHIRE OPEN ART EXHIBITION would like to invite you to become a sponsor for our annual North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition.

This popular & well-established exhibition has been running for 23 years & is currently the biggest in North Ayrshire, attracting around 2000 visitors each year. Our primary source of funding for the exhibition is sponsorship from successful companies like yourself & as the exhibition is run by volunteers & not-for-profit it means our sponsorship money can be used for the important things like let fees, advertising & artist prize money.

Last year we gave a total of £1000 in prize money to our artists, all thanks to our wonderful sponsors.


The Benefits of sponsorship:


Benefits that we would offer you as a sponsor would come in the form of advertising & promotion for your business:


Web advertising: Your logo will be present on the home page of our website & info about your business will be available to view on a dedicated ‘Sponsors Page’.


Social media advertising: We have a large following on both Twitter & Facebook where we can post ads for your business regularly.

Sponsors table: For the duration of the exhibition there will be a table dedicated purely to our sponsors. Here you are free to leave any of your business information & details in the form of leaflets, business cards, brochures etc. These will be available for pick up by our 2000 + visitors.


Advertising posters, leaflets and invites: Your logo will be present on all our advertising posters, leaflets & invites & these are distributed throughout North Ayrshire.


Local press opportunities: You may have the opportunity to feature in local newspapers such as the Irvine Times & Irvine Herald.







This is perhaps our most important sponsorship package as any money donated would help us to pay our venue let fee, maintain our equipment & will also cover printing costs to help us advertise our exhibition & our sponsors.



Donating a cash prize to an artist of your choice will not only help to support our local artists financially but also provides artists with much needed promotion & recognition. When you sponsor an artist your business name is displayed on a plaque next to your chosen, winning artwork for the duration of the exhibition.




Your sponsorship would provide light refreshments for up to 200 people on our opening night. This is always a very successful evening, well attended by local press, & it provides us with a perfect opportunity to advertise your business.




Should you choose to sponsor our exhibition; your support will be greatly appreciated. We simply couldn’t do it without the generosity of our local businesses & your sponsorship would help to insure the exhibitions’ continued success & popularity.


Our usual sponsorship donations range between £100 & £1000, however we would be delighted to accept any amount of your choice.


If you are interested in supporting the Visual Arts in your community, please contact:


Julia Griffin, Exhibition Co-ordinator:

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