David Taylor

Visual Artist


David Taylor graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1976 with a Degree in Ceramics and remained lifelong friends with Alex Leckie who was head of the department at that time. He then went on to run 'Coachouse Ceramics' in Neilston for over 20 years.


"I have drawn and painted from a very early age and at art school I got a taste for other disciplines like printmaking. I have worked in all sorts of medium: clay, concrete, fibre-glass etc. I've been drumming for more years than I’d care to mention and writing as well, winning the Imprint Award Short Story Prize in 2015/2016. Some of my paintings fuse with the writing as with Oil-rora Rig-ealis when a humorous tale about a rig bullied it’s way on to one of a series of works related to the Aurora Borealis.
I am lucky to have a place in Spain with a drum kit and a painting studio, it’s in Andalusia, a pueblo called Álora 40kms from Malaga.  It’s easy to see how Picasso and Braque wandered into Cubism, inspired when drawing these white villages.
I haven’t exhibited for 12 years or more, and since the pension came along I'm not so desperate to sell a piece of work to pay the electricity bill so I’ve just been working away and throwing all the finished paintings in a big architect’s planning chest in the studio.
The first exhibition after all that time was to show two paintings in the NAOA exhibition and I'm currently having a one-man show in Dunlop (August 2019).
A comment made by one of the catering staff, on seeing the works on the wall prior to opening, got it just right - “Good exhibition” she said, “which paintings are yours and who are the other artists”
She was spot on...!"


David Taylor

Works in collections in Australia, Canada, South Africa.
Artist in Residence in Bunbury Art Gallery, Western Australia 1991
Exhibited Royal Scottish Academy, Paisley Art Institute,  Maclaurin Gallery, N.A.O.E., J.D. Kelly